Reaching Out To Help Deceased Veterans Family. 15791




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Reaching Out To Help Deceased Veterans Family. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Myself and one of our complex veterans assisted a fallen veterans family in our Senior Complex on 22 August, 2020. Within this complex we have several Veterans from the Korean and Vietnam wars. On Monday we lost one of our deceased veterans wives to a medical illness. Upon hearing of our loss, myself and one of the other complex veterans approached the Family and stated we would like to help where ever possible with cleaning out her apartment. We gathered on the morning of 22 August and worked hand and hand with the Family. We had in total 7 vehicles worth of items which we loaded and unloaded in roughly 10 hours. As a Knight of Columbus and Veterans we reach out to help Families in need in many ways. The family was very appreciative of all our help this day. May the souls of our recently deceased veteran and his wife now rest together in Peace. AMEN.

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