REBOOT – A life-changing event



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REBOOT - A life-changing event


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

Brothers and Sisters in Christ came together at St. Paul the Apostle Parish to bring to the Area a Life Changing Event, that being REBOOT. Featuring internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and tv host: Chris Stefanick. This large committee of Parishioners came together in collaboration to host Mr. Stefanick her in the Penobscot region to jump start our Catholic Faith Community to get rebooted in their faith.
This event cost approximately $22,000.00, therefore the committee had a big job in trying to keep the cost down and make the event available to everyone who desired to attend. In this regard, the Knights of Columbus, Pine Cone Council 114wanted to be a large part in the bring of this particular evangelist to Maine; in this spirit of Building up the Domestic Church the Knight of the council made a one time donation of $5,000.00 to help off set the cost for all to attend. The price for a ticket went from $22.00 to $15.00, which went a long way in this Sold-Out Performance. The parish office a had a waiting list if someone were unable to make it to the event, the next person on this would be called for tickets.

On April 26th, lives were changed by the beauty and power of the Gospel, thanks to Chris Stefanick and his Team on this date.

Thank you Knights of Columbus for answering the call to serve as an Outreach Team member/sponsor to help make this incredible REBOOT! event happen! We were not disappointed! “The lives of many depend upon the courage of a few.” YOU are those few, and this event change the lives of many.

Chairperson, Cathy Taft sent a Thank You Card, that read: As you serve the Lord, Our greatest blessing is to receive God’s love, our greatest privilege is to give it away to others. Don Lessin… Thanking the Lord for you and the faithful way you show His love. Quote: “We send our gratitude and appreciation for your generosity toward bringing Reboot to our Parish. You helped make a difference in the lives of so many, thank you! Sincerely in Christ, Cathy Taft

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