Recognition of Winslow Girls Championship Basketball Team




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Recognition of Winslow Girls Championship Basketball Team


Council: 7300 - WINSLOW

Project Description:

One of our members and PGK had an awesome idea after last years’ High School Class B Basketball playoffs. Winslow was originally an underdog team, not expected to get through the first round. As game after game went by, they slowly moved through the ranks, ending up as North Division Champions, and playing for the State Championship. They won the Gold Ball and returned to Winslow triumphantly! He thought we should host a free dinner to honor the championship team, and invite their families and friends to come and celebrate together. Our council also sponsored a replica Gold Ball; each player received one to commemorate their involvement in such a momentous occasion. While this was held at our Catholic School, even though not all of the girls, coaches, etc. were Catholic, it provided a great opportunity to re-introduce the Catholic Church to the community at large. It also turned out to be an opportunity to introduce the Knights of Columbus, and St. John’s Catholic Church, as a Christian Church, honoring all of our community members, no matter their background or faith history! Many people continue to speak of that event, and the love that poured through the room for these young ambassadors of our Town! They were obviously on top of the world, having won, but as this event occurred a little bit after, it served to place them back into the limelight, giving them yet more opportunity to relive their accomplishment. What a great chance for the Knights to shine and show who we are to all of these people. Talk about a chance for evangelism, just by doing something good, and of course, making us all proud to be Knights, following in Fr. McGivney’s footsteps.

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