Rectory Paint Project




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Rectory Paint Project


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

We were asked by our Council Chaplin, Father Frank Murray, to paint one of the suites in the church rectory in support of the ongoing revitalization of the church rectory. This latest effort was to facilitate moving another of our parish priests, Father Augustine Nellary, into the same rectory. Coordinating with Bob Levasseur, Director of Buildings & Grounds, Peter Starr and a crew of knights and family prepped, painted and cleaned up the renewed space. This project was done over the course of 7 days starting Veteran’s day and in the evenings. Father Augustin has expressed his appreciation for all the hard work and we look forward to helping move him into his new home. Despite having several non-painters on the crew we successfully helped to breath new life into the space. I’m sure this will enhance the parish having our priests under one roof.

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