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Red Cross Blood Drive


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

Council members sponsored a Red Cross blood drive, which was held at the parish hall of Holy Trinity Church, on Frost Hill Avenue, in Lisbon Falls. The scheduled date was set for Monday, October fifth, from two until seven pm. There were nineteen doners signed up, with five no show and three disqualified for donating. At the end of the day, eleven pints of precious fluid was collectd to help sick patients in New England needing this gift of life.
With brother knights working together to setup and return the hall back to original condition at the end of the day, teamwork was the rule. Because of the Covid19 protocols in place, our volunteers had to ware PPE, which included face masks, gloves, social distancing all day, in order to process the incoming and outgoing doners, which added another layer of complexity to the day’s work. Thanks for your dedication Ray Laplume, Bob Dumond, Gerry Poulin, Bob Roberge and doner Michael Blabb, for your help in making this another successful event. Brother knights from Holy Family Council 10019, thank you for once again coming together to bring critically needed blood to patients in our community.

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