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Red Cross Blood Drive


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

Council 10019, sponsored a blood drive at the Holy Trinity church hall this day and brought in 23 pints of precious blood. Members prepared the hall to accommodate the drive for the Red Cross team. They also assisted the team by volunteering in various ways such as; screeners, assisting donors after their donations and time keepers at the refreshment table, where coffee and donuts were made available, as well as other snacks and liquid refreshments. The Red Cross team were also helpful in putting the hall back to how it was found following the drive. A total of four brother knights helped out for the drive, plus two donors. At the end of the day a Red Cross staff leader mentioned how well organized the donor recruiting, hall setup and logistics, made their job a dream experience that day. The blood collected today will serve recipients throughout
the New England area.

Respectively submitted by,
Raymond Laplume

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