Refund Support Vocation Program (RSVP) Seminarian Support




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Refund Support Vocation Program (RSVP) Seminarian Support


Council: 10019 - LEWISTON

Project Description:

Holy Family Council 100019 has Sponsored Three Seminarians: Erin Donlon, Andrew Bailey, and Dale Brown. (The Assembly Sponsored the 4th Seminarian: Hoa Nguyen).

We had a Parish Bean Supper on October 30, 2021. This Bean Supper was to bring faithful Catholics of Holy Family Church (Prince of Peace Parish) together in fellowship to raise money for our faithful seminarians who are answering and discerning their call and formation to the priesthood. There was a second Bean supper on December 11, 2021, for this ongoing purpose and effort.

Money raised:
10/30/21: $710.00 Profit
12/11/21: $410.00 Profit
Total Funds Raised: $1120.00

Each supper had 12 members x 5 hours= 60 hours x 2 suppers = 120 hour
Members Kitchen and prep staff x 5 x 15 hours= 75 hours x 2 suppers= 150 hours
Total member hours= 270 hours
190 customers x 1 hour= 380 hours x 2 suppers= 760 hours
Total hours for 2 suppers= 1030 hours

Through this fundraising toward the RSVP program, the council and parish families raised money for our seminarians with $500.00 for each seminarian for financial support x 3 seminarians for $1500.00 total (Assembly to take care of an additional $500.00).

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