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rent a table


Council: 3942 - BELFAST

Project Description:

The Knight held a ” Rent a Table” yard sale on July 27th, 2019 at St, Francis parish Hall. The purpose of this activity was to make funds to purchase a AED ( Automatic External Defibrillator) for the church. It would be used in case of cardiac issues at church. 38 people attended and the table rentals provided $325 towards the purchase.

* due to many time to submit these reports in the past I get a “problem with submission” always on the “hours” I attempt many different ways and sometime they work sometime they don’t. I try 3-4 times. After that I’m thinking Jesus is testing me and my stress begins to develop. This is why we are getting an AED as it maybe used on me one day. Please realize that I will be getting this message thru as many times as it takes.

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