Repairs to Our Lady of the Rosary – Chimney




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Repairs to Our Lady of the Rosary - Chimney


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

Our Council has a Church Fund that was established to collect funds for the use of various church needs, from program support to infrastructure repairs or maintenance. In October, the company that was hired to perform the annual service on the church boiler prior to the heating season discovered that there were significant leaks in the chimney, rendering it unsafe to operate. For at least the next week or so, the church was without a primary heat source. Temporary portable heaters were brought in to prevent the pipes from from freezing but one still burst. The chimney needed to repaired quickly if the church was going to be usable as winter quickly approached.

Our Council volunteered to contribute towards the total cost of the repairs and made a donation on the day of the service company arriving to repair the chimney of $3,500. The prompt action by the church and our ability to help offset some of the cost of this much needed repair directly impacted our entire church community by getting Our Lady of the Rosary up and running once again.

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