Replace Father Seamus Griesbach’s Refrigerator




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Replace Father Seamus Griesbach's Refrigerator


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

I, Robert Michaud, received a call from Joline Laliberte – the Director of Facilities for Prince of Peace Parish asking for some assistance with a unique problem. The refrigerator in the rectory at Our Lady of the Rosary where Father Seamus Griesbach was living had failed. Rather that purchasing a new one, it was decided that the best option was to repurpose a refrigerator from the break room at Holy Cross to the rectory at Our Lady. I was able to muster a work crew consisting my middle son and Brother Knight Xavier Michaud, my youngest son and Boy Scout Nicolas Michaud, and my wife Stephanie Michaud to help in the process.

We first removed the refrigerator from the break room at Holy Cross and then transported it to Our Lady of the Rosary. We then removed the failed refrigerator from the rectory, and wheeled the replacement refrigerator into the apartment, only to find that it was a little too large for the the opening available in the apartment. After some consideration we decided that the fastest and easiest fix would be to swap the too large refrigerator for our Council’s refrigerator in the Maxwell-Gill Hall, and move our Council’s refrigerator into the rectory. A bit of muscle and time later and Father Seamus had a working refrigerator again.

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