Rose For Life Sunday




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Rose For Life Sunday


Council: 149 - CALAIS

Project Description:

The Calais Knights once again, participated in their annual “Rose For Life Sunday” on Mother’s Day, at the Immaculate Conception Church in Calais and St. James the Greater Church in Baileyville. Here the Knights buy the Rose for Life Appliques, that come in sheets. They set up a table in the Narthax, with a donation bowl, and hand out the rose appliques to all the Mother’s who come into Mass. Most give us a donation, and a few don’t. Our main reason is to get the Rose for Life message out to the public.

A lot of parishioners actually look forward to us being there so they can get a fresh Rose. Husbands and Men will actually request additional for their relatives.

Any and all money we receive from this drive, is then given to our treasuer who will cut a check to give to our Bishop. This year we had a round figure of $150.00. He earmarks these funds from us to go into advertising the Diocese’s Prolife Programs. For the last ten years we’ve been handing him the check, in our Church, The Immaculate Conception, when he is giving our area, Confirmation/First Holy Euchrist.

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