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Council: 680 - MILLINOCKET

Project Description:

At our September meeting, the Council decided to continue to participate in sponsoring a 2 seminarian to assist them
financially and emotionally in their studies. As the strong right arm of the church, the Knights of Columbus are committed to providing
moral, financial and spiritual support to future priests and religious at all stages of their formation. Council 680 chose
to support a 2nd year theology student and a 1st year pre-theology student both with ties to the state of Maine. In September, our Council Chancellor contacted our chosen students to inform them of our desire to support them in their studies. The Council
presented them with Council checks in the amount of 500 dollars each with their Christmas card. Members were also asked
to sent them emails, cards of support, and financial assistance. Several members sent them personal Christmas card along with words of
encouragement and monetary help. The Council Chancellor frequently communicates with them by email and reports
back to the Council on their correspondence.

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