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Sacristin Services


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

Who: 1 Brother Knight who does daily activities in support of the church and ministy.
What: See below. 1,000 hours a year
Where: A Diocesan Cluster Parish church
When: Monday through Friday I’m at the church 6 am to 8 am, Saturday noon to 4 PM, Sunday noon to 3PM, Sunday
RCIA sponsor 9am to 10am
Why: In service to God, parish and church

Below is a detailed set of activities provided to me from the brother Knight who performs these volunteer activites.
Rather than paraphrase I submit the actual detail. Needless to say it is very thorough.

In his words
” I make coffee, set the kitchen for the morning group coffee and treats, set up the food counter with paper plates
with napkins on each plate, sugar, coffee cream, snacks muffins, donuts etc. clean kitchen, wash dishes as needed
make a list of supplies needed, coffee, creamer, sugar, paper towels, coffee & water cups, coffee filters, paper plate,
bottle water for refrigerator, empty the trash, fill all of the wall mounter paper towel pull down dispensers, organize
and set up the hall after any evening function from the night before i.e. Knights Meeting, Franciscan meeting, church
group meeting, i.e. set up and take down speakers and microphones as needed for the hall functions, check both
bathrooms for being clean and fill toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, water plants, change blesses water founts
twice a weeks. Monitor narthex Blessed water container clean and keep it filled with Blesses water by a Deacon or
Priest check daily, keep the Narthex organized and cleaned up daily to Father Lou requirement’s., straighten and
organize the chapel chairs and books daily, fill the Tabernacle candle every day with oil. Fill the alter candle twice a
week unless the alter is set up on advent fill the wreath candles daily, water and clip plants in the narthex and chapel
as needed, set up the small chapel area with three desk and chairs every week for meetings, bible study, people count
money Mondays, every weekend take down for Sunday school class on Sunday then put back up on Sundays. Fill
candle bottles daily and order candle oil as needed, order boxes of wine and fill wine bottles as needed for the
Sacristy as needed. Order all three sizes of Daily HOST to be blessed, set up the alter for all masses put corporal on
alter set up host plates put on the alter, set up water and wine for alter, water for priest to wash hand with towel and
clean up and put away everything used on the alter after church, set up the Missal for the priest, set up the homily
book. Liturgy book on daily basis, remove old Bulletin and put out new bulletins and insert any inserts into the
bulletins as needed, set up the money collection baskets on Saturday night, I am an extraordinary minster during the
week and on Saturday nights, I set up for any baptisms bring out Easter candle, baptismal fount and fill with water,
bring out person candle, and oils need for the baptism, and the towels for the baptism, after baptism clean up and put
Easter candle back, clean fount and put back put all oil back and clean everything, set up for funerals incents, holy
water, move front chairs and kneelers set up the alter, one of the altar servers, hold missal for the priest, clean up
after funeral, set up for all wedding and cle

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