Service to the Maxwell-GIll Hall




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Service to the Maxwell-GIll Hall


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

The Edward C. O’Leary Council #13181 benefits from the use of the Maxwell-Gill Hall adjacent to Our Lady of the Rosary Church regularly for its Bean Suppers, Chicken BBQ’s and Thanksgiving Dinners. However, with no priests living in the rectory attached to the hall, the Prince of Peace Parish determined that it was not cost effective to heat the building throughout the winter. Our Council moved our winter activities and Bean Suppers to the basement of the church, and to assist the church, we drained the water from the pipes in the hall and rectory to winterize the building and then shut down the furnace. We will likely re-occupy the hall in the spring time, but it is estimated that by winterizing the hall, the Prince of Peace Parish will save approximately $8,000 in heating costs, and they didn’t incur a cost for winterizing the building.

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