Setting Up Church Halls for Socially Distant Masses




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Setting Up Church Halls for Socially Distant Masses


Council: 13181 - SABATTUS

Project Description:

Brother Knights Robert and Xavier Michaud, along with Father Raj from Prince of Peace Parish transported moveable partitions from Holy Family Church to the hall at Holy Trinity in Lisbon Falls to be used for the upcoming “socially distanced” masses to be held there. The church hall in Lisbon Falls has the necessary space to allow for the proper distancing, but due to the hard surfaces of the floors, walls and ceilings, the echo in the hall can make communication difficult. The fabric covered partitions were strategically arranged to help dampen some of the reflected sound and make for a better experience for the parishioners. In addition, a pulpit and crucifix were loaned to this project from Our Lady of the Rosary in Sabattus, and they were transported to the hall the previous Sunday.

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