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Sewing for a Cause


Council: 13486 - WATERVILLE

Project Description:

Sewing for a Cause Is a charty sewing group (started by my wife) that makes items neeed for different groups. All items sewed is given away. They meet two time a month although some come in at other time depending on what they are working on. Exampe: The Maine Children Homes need 50 Quilts in a short time. The women working at the center and at home completed 100 quilts in less then two weeks. When working in the center ther can be 30 to 40 woman of all ages and faith groups from around the state.

What I do is help set up tables and chairs and take down and help clean up after they meet. I also assist and unloading materials donated to the group from around the state. It ussale takes an hour or mare to set and same amount of time to take down and clean. St bridget Center is own by my wife and I.

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