Showing Thanks To One of Our Seminarians. 15791




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Showing Thanks To One of Our Seminarians. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Myself and one of our Council Seminarians participated in a meal at a local restaurant in Gray on Tuesday April 23, 2019. Since Seminarian Joe Moreshead joined our Parish and Council he has been a positive drive for us all. We worked hand and hand with him as a Brother in the Knights and a Seminarian looking to move onto Priesthood in a few years. The one large project which he was of great help to me, the Church and the Council was our “NOVENA for LIFE” program which we conducted last Fall. Seminarian Joe participated in leading the weekly rosary and prayer for the UN-born child, and mother at Holy Martyr’s Church covering several weekends. As a Team leader and Catholic, Seminarian Joe will some day make an excellent Priest, hopefully in our Parish or Dioceses. Seminarian Joe was very pleased and surprised that I invited him to join me in dinner, as a way to say Thank You for being their in support of our Parish, and a member of Council 15791. We will miss him very much as he moves on to his new assigement soon. Praise Be To GOD.

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