Sixth Annual Tootsie Roll Campaign 2019. 15791




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Sixth Annual Tootsie Roll Campaign 2019. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

This year 25 council brothers,6 wives and children, and 2 Parish Office staff helped us in preparing and conducting our Fourth Annual Tootsie Roll Campaign for the Intellectually Disabled. Our collections this year were conducted as in the pass at all worship sites and the Yarmouth Clam Festival, during the weekend of July 19 threw 21, 2019. We are very pleased with the generosity of all this year, as we report that we collected $1,740.35. This is $18.00 less than in 2018. The total revenue taken in during the last six years amounts to $9,309.68. Instead of dealing with a nice weekend as we did in 2018, we dealt with the heat. The temperature on Saturday was around 100 degree’s. We were fortunate that all who needed to be working in the sun kept hydrated and there were no problems. This year we also had several additional wives and children who helped us with the campaign, and all enjoyed themselves very much. This is by far a most worthy cause for us as Knights of Columbus. We appreciated all the hands of help, and the cool drinks. Fr. Michael J. McGivney would have been proud to see the knights of this council, and their family members, hard at work in support of the Intellectually Disabled. With the Lords help this weekend was possible, and a total success. Praise Be To GOD. Our council brothers as well as other volunteers who worked on this event enjoyed being part of this event this year. It is truly an honor to know how hard all worked to get the results you did to support the Intellectually Disabled. The amount we raised will go a long way to help Disabled persons. A great job well done by all. Thank you to our Pastor, priests deacon, and Parish Office Staff for their support also. As always we look forward to 2020, and our Seventh Annual Event.

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