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Special Award For Our Visiting Seminarian. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Our visiting Seminarian and Deputy Grand Knight participated in a Special Award Presentation For Our Visiting Seminarian at Saint Gregory’s Church on Friday September 7, 2018. Because our visiting Seminarian wasn’t able to make our Business Meeting on Tuesday evening, our Deputy Grand Knight met with him today to present him with his Knight of the Month Certificate. Since Seminarian Joe Moreshead has been with us he has been very active in many Church Programs, and also been very active with the council in the NEW Faith In Action Program. He is currently working with the Faith In Action Team which consists of our Faith Formation Directors, Seminarian, Our Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, Chancellor, and our Pastor. Seminarian Joe has shown many that he will make a very fine Priest in a few years. We look forward to Seminarian Joe taking the lead on three of our NOVENA weekends starting at the end of September. We are very Blessed as a Parish and a Council to have Seminarian Joe with us. May GOD continue to guide him, and give him the strength to continue his journey toward becoming a Priest.

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