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Special Lenten Stations of the Cross Prior to our Formation Time. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

One of our Council Brothers and his wife are members of a local Secular Franciscan Fraternity in a neighboring town. On Friday March 8, 2019 they met with their other Franciscan Brothers and Sisters for the second Friday evening gathering. This evening the groups Minister and Formation director had programs scheduled for those in attendance. To begin the evening we were lead in reciting the Lenten Stations of the Cross which followed by prayer. Following the Lenten Stations of the Cross there was a short break, then the members broke off into groups and worked on their Formation lessons for the month. Its such a pleasure and Blessing being part of this Franciscan Family, and following in the foot steps of Saint Francis of Assisi. GOD is truly good.

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