Special Non-Family of the Month Presentation. 15791




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Special Non-Family of the Month Presentation. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Six council brothers participated in our Parish Non-Knight Family of the Month Presentation at Holy Martyr’s Church on Saturday November 8, 2019. With our council continuing to reach out to the Families of our Parish, this month was a very special presentation. This month one of our council Trustee’s and Fr. Phil Tracy presented a certificate of appreciation as part of the 4 PM Saturday Mass to Jack and Betty Mullin of Holy Martyr’s Church. Jack Mullin has been an active member of Holy Martyr’s Church since it was built 50 years ago. He jokingly told me during my interview with him that they built Holy Martyr’s Church around him. Jack and Betty have been involved with the Saint Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen in Portland for 9 years. Also they have been involved with the Cumberland and Falmouth Food Pantries for 15 years. Helping the needy with Food, Clothing and Back Packs for children is an on going project for them. Parishioners will bring in items for the Food and Clothing Pantries and Jack will spend time sorting them out and get them ready for the people to pick up and deliver them each week to the sites. Betty helps Jack from time to time with these programs. Jack has been a main stay in Holy Martyr’s by being the Head Usher for the 4PM Mass on Saturday. We are very pleased to have been allowed to recognize this couple and their dedication, to their Church and the Community. May the good LORD watch over and Bless this couple for many more years to come.

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