Spring Clean-up Helping a Brother Knight




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Spring Clean-up Helping a Brother Knight


Council: 114 - BANGOR

Project Description:

As a project for a Brother Knight in need, the Pine Cone Council did a clean up project at the home of Brother Don Factor last September. After discussions with Brother Don’s daughter Catherine this spring, it was decided that a Spring Clean up should be done. On Saturday, 5/22/21 6 Knights and Bill McClure, the groundskeeper, met at the house to complete another cleanup. Brothers Gaspar, Clark and Sandoval arrived at 9 AM to get started and were later met by Brothers Murray, Forbes and Marquis and his son Patrick after they completed another K of C project. We trimmed a large tree and removed the debris, weeded the gardens, dug Dandelions, and generally spruced up the grounds. It was a couple of hours well spent as Catherine was extremely pleased with the results and is very grateful to the Knights of Columbus for what we did. It is a pleasure to help someone in need but it is an honor to help a fellow Knight in need.

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