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St Anthony's Variety Show


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Council 2219 sponsored its sixth annual variety show at St Anthony’s Parish in Westbrook. Approximately 145 people
attended the show, which was entitled “An Evening with Emilia and Friends,” named after a young woman who sings in the
the church choir and who was the featured star of the evening. The show was a fundraiser for Family Promise, a
program that locates temporary housing for homeless families in houses of worship. About 15 people performed,
including adults and adolescents-individually and in groups. The acts included musicians, singers, skits, a poet, a
magic act, and other performances, Louis Philippe, a parishioner of St Anthony, emceed. Council members, in
addition to performing, helped with tickets, setting up for the event, and cleaning up afterward. The St. Anthony’s
Variety Show continues to be a popular annual event that provides enjoyable entertainment and helps build a greater
sense of parish community. It also provided over $2000.00 for Family Promise, a total that was reached through the
sale of tickets for the show, the sale of related items, and contributions offered during the evening.

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