St. John School Christmas Fair




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St. John School Christmas Fair


Council: 13486 - WATERVILLE

Project Description:

Our council participated in several ways with the Christmas Fair at St. John School in Winslow last December. We were asked to provide the lunch menu for the event on Saturday, the 7th. We started two days earlier to purchase supplies to make the ingredients for “dynamites”, a favorite of the Franco-American descendants in our area. We also had hot dogs for children and for those who didn’t dare eat the dynamites. Several of our Brothers helped with serving the food, setting up and clearing tables, preparing the food and cleaning the kitchen at the end of the day. We absorbed the cost of supplies and donated all the luncheon proceeds to the school.
On the previous evening, Friday the 6th, wives of three of our council members worked at two different booths, one with the homemade sweets and the other was craft items. The Winslow council, 7300, served the evening meal that night and two of our council worked with them as well. This was a good example of councils working together for a common goal. Poignantly, this was to be the last Christmas Fair for the school as it has been announced that it is closing this year.

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