St Joseph Parish Food Pantry




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St Joseph Parish Food Pantry


Council: 11376 - BRIDGTON-FRYEBURG

Project Description:

3 Knights of Columbus participated in this event: Grand Knight Pat Bracken (4 man-hours), 1st Degree Knight Joe Balchunas (3 man-hours), and Knight Peter Glynn (4 man-hours). 11 other volunteers assisted as well. St Joseph Food Pantry services indigent residents of Bridgton, Naples, Harrison, and Fryeburg, by providing various food staples such as frozen meat, cereals, canned goods, and other packaged food. Clients fill shopping carts, and are assisted in loading their vehicles. Knights Pat, Joe and Peter assisted in setting up the food for display, making available and then storing the shopping carts, helping clients load their vehicles, and in re-storing the food not taken by clients. Approximately 38 families ranging from 1-6 family members were serviced today.

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