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St Joseph Parish Food Pantry


Council: 11376 - BRIDGTON-FRYEBURG

Project Description:

Knights Paul Joanis (4th Degree), Patrick Bracken (4th Degree) and Joe Balchunas (1st Degree) assisted 8 other St Joseph Church Parishioners in this month’s Food Pantry. Paul worked 3 hours on 9/23/19 and 4 hours on 9/24/19. Patrick worked 3 hours on 9/24/19, and Joe Balchunas worked 3 hours on 9/23/19 and 3 hours on 9/24/19. Tasks accomplished were unloading food merchandise from the Good Shepherd delivery truck and storing the merchandise on 9/23/19. Merchandise includes frozen meats, fresh vegetables, canned, dried and baked goods. On 9/24/19 merchandise was displayed for the clients, and clients were assisted in loading their vehicles with food the clients had gathered in shopping carts. We also assisted in retrieving the food carts from the storage shed and restoring the food carts as well. The Food Pantry Supervisor stated that 51 families had been served. The St Joseph Parish Food Pantry serves indigent families living in the Bridgton-Fryeburg-Naples areas.

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