St.Patrick’s Day Benefit Dinner Dance




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St.Patrick's Day Benefit Dinner Dance


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

Each year the smell of Corned beef and cabbage with all the fixins permeate the air throughout our church as we prepare for the annual benefit dance.
Preparations start the day before as one of our members, who is also the chef of a well known restaurant in Ogunquit; prepares the corned beef to perfection while other members join together to prepare the remaining foods, decorate and set up the hall. After the Saturday night mass our patrons start piling in the hall with their favorite drinks in hand ready to partake in good food, conversation and dance while all knowing the proceeds will be donated to two worthy organizations. Each patron is greeted with a booklet at their table showing the names of our council members, the many organizations we’ve supported and especially the names of businesses who supported our event by purchasing ad space in the booklet. This event has been a “sell-out” event for many years and each year people constantly ask when we will begin selling tickets in order to make sure they won’t miss out.
It should also be said that the recipients selected to receive the proceeds of the event as well as all our priests and deacon who serves our Parish are given free tickets for our dinner dance.

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