St Rose Volunteer Fair Breakfast




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St Rose Volunteer Fair Breakfast


Council: 320 - JAY

Project Description:

On September 18, 2022 the St. Rose parish staff set up a volunteer fair to provide information and promote all of the volunteer efforts in the parish including Faith Formation, Liturgies and Devotions, Parish Social Ministry and the Hatti parish twining. All of the different initiatives had a display of their programs and activities and included the lists of volunteers already working in each group. The reason for the fair was to promote and demonstrate all of the activity happening within the parish and to solicit new volunteers. It was promoted in the community as well as in the parish. The Knights were requested to provide a breakfast to go along with the event. At 5:00 am 3 brother Knights arrived at the hall to prepare the breakfast which was to be served after the 8:30 Mass. The event was well attended and successful at signing up a few new volunteers.

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