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State Free Throw


Council: 1753 - Ft. FAIRFIELD

Project Description:

On Saturday March 10,2017 Three Brothers from Northern Maine Council #1753 Fort Fairfield, Me traveled to Old Town, Me for our Annual State Free Throw. We had three winners from Fort Fairfield, one young girl from Fort Fairfield had a score of score 23 out of 25 and a great job by all of these young boys and girls from throughout the state. All total we had 16 Brother Knights attending. They participated in several areas such as scoring, counting,and pictures taken of the winners from each category with the State Officers. Winners received Gold Balls and Medals all participants received a Blue T-Shirt.

DD- Remarks:
Outstanding program teaching our youth to be competitive and good sportsmanship. You never know if one of the participants could become Knights of Columbus member in the future.

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