Storage Cabinet for Hall Sound System Equipment




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Storage Cabinet for Hall Sound System Equipment


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

After several accidental incidents involving tampering with St Anthony Parish Hall sound system equipment, which was sitting on a makeshift shelf, which made it accessible to anyone to include our young youths in the parish, a request was made to the Council to purchase a cabinet in order to house the equipment and wiring, thus preventing any further incidents. After pricing such a unit a Brother Knight, whose hobby is building furniture out of recycled wood, stepped forward and stated he would construct a cabinet for this purpose and donate it to the church. He further related that just prior to the sale of St Edmond Church in 2012, he had acquired some of the pews from the church, which were made of Oak and that he would use it for the cabinet, as many of our present parishioners are originally from St Edmond and that it would be appropriate to have a small part of St Edmond Church in our Parish Hall. After several months of work at the home of this Brother Knight, the unit was completed and transported to St Anthony Parish Hall, where the sound system units were placed inside the cabinet and rewired so that all the wires were no longer exposed. An additional switch was added to the back of the cabinet so that the system could be turned on and off without opening the cabinet door. After being seen by the parishioners after Sunday Mass, at the weekly donut and coffee social, the Council received numerous individual, as well as written thank you. It should be noted that the unit donated is valued at $425.00. See attached photos.

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