Supplying Aid To A Council Deceased Brothers Wife. 15791



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Supplying Aid To A Council Deceased Brothers Wife. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

During the day before the wake of Brother Clancy of our council, myself our Grand Knight, and our Council Financial Team met on a conference call to share information reference a conversation our Council Faith In Action Director had with our deceased brothers wife. It seems that with the passing of Brother Clancy has created a heavy burden with Brother Clancy’s wife. Being a low income family the statement was made to our Council Faith In Action Director that she has no idea how she will pay all the up-coming bills, especially now that she will not have Brother Clancy’s pension to work with. After giving this some prayerful thought I made a suggestion to the Grand Knight, and our Financial Team that we should do something for her monetarily. With this is mind it was suggested that we write a check from the Council Good of the Order Account for $200.00 to help her with her bill paying. All involved this day were in favor. Once again we must always remember that as a Knights Council we do so much for the needy, and requests for funds from the community, that some time we tend to forget our own council members and their families. On Saturday February 23, 2019 our Council Faith In Action Director presented a check for $200.00 to Brother Clancy’s wife following the 4 PM Mass. United with our membership as Council Officers and fellow brothers of Brother Clancy and his Family, we will once again be there in support and Prayer, under the watchful eyes of Fr. Michael J McGivney.

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