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Support Fallen Veterans Family. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Myself and a community veteran spent time in support of a sick Brother Veteran who was suffering from Terminal Cancer. Our time was spent within his home, the Hospital, and at the Graveside Service during August and September, 2020. As a Knight of Columbus and Army Veteran myself, it has always been important for me to help fellow veterans when they are sick, or when their family needs help. During August and September we spent time in support of this veteran and his wife. Helping them in a number of area’s, which they needed our help with. This veteran and I shared stories of our military pass, and just shared our life’s stories about our children, and grandchildren. As in any graveside service, many prayers were offered by all in attendance to the family. As part of the memorial service at the graveside one of the daughters and a Navy Service lady worked together in playing Taps, and the presentation of an American Flag to the deceased veterans wife. At one of the children’s homes there was socializing and plenty of food to eat following the service. May the soul of our Veteran Brother now rest in peace with the LORD.

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