Surprise Luncheon For First Responders




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Surprise Luncheon For First Responders


Council: 10020 - No. WINDHAM

Project Description:

The DGK of our Council came up with an idea to thank our local first responders who had endured a difficult year because of the pandemic. He contacted the administrative assistant for our local public safety department and along with five other Brothers from our Council planned a surprise luncheon for three days before Christmas.

The Knights wanted to show their appreciation to all the first responders and how much the citizens of the area appreciated their service and sacrifice made each and every day.

At noon at the public safety headquarters the DGK along with the GK and four Brothers arrived with sandwiches, snacks and cold drinks to serve 100 people so that the families of the first responders could be thanked as well. They also sacrifice with their family members being away for long periods of time and having to leave on short notice to serve the community.

When the Brothers arrive there were eight members of public safety in the building including the police chief and fire chief. God Bless all our first responders.

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