The Gift Of Fatherhood Booklet Handout. 15791




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The Gift Of Fatherhood Booklet Handout. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Twenty Council Brothers participated in our First Annual “Gift of Fatherhood Booklet” hand out at all Worship sites of the Parish of the Holy Eucharist during the weekend of June 16 and 17, 2018. With the help of our Pastor and Spiritual Assistant we were able to pass out the “Gift of Fatherhood Booklet” to those Catholic men who were present at all the weekend masses. Proclaiming the Faith in the Third Millennium. We must take this statement very seriously now, in the case of coming generations. Each Catholic adult must offer the very valuable contribution by being the example setter. It goes without saying that the parents are the primary Faith examples for their children. If we as adult parents don’t set the example for our children now, how will they be able to follow in their parents foot steps as practicing Catholic’s and teach their children in the next generation to follow. We as Knights of Columbus must set that example as well. This was the guideline which Fr. Michael J. McGivney asked us to do. I myself had several nice compliments made to me when passing out these booklets. Our Parishioners are very appreciative of all we as Knights do for our Parish Families. With GODS help, we hope to continue for many more years to come. Building The Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parish is a good starting point for each one of us as Knights, Parish Families and Fathers alike.

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