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Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

I am a Red Coat V A Ambassador at Togus V A Hospital. This is a voluntary position. The actual hours that I put in were 24 hours and 55 minutes. This included an application process and a morning of orientation. There are many volunteers so I estimated that on any given day there could be twenty or more or less.
I began my service at the front desk directing people to areas in the hospital assisting people in wheelchairs and answering questions. I have since moved to the Emergency Department. While in the ED I bring patients to x ray, cat scan and other related areas by wheelchair. I assist the staff in anyway they request such as cleaning wheelchairs, lining up wheelchairs and removing some wheelchairs to the lobby.
This will be a year long endeavor. At this time I am assigned to the ED on Wednesday mornings. I will volunteer on some Fridays when possible. The end date reflects the March report date requirement.

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