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Toostie roll drive


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

On September 13 – 15th, our council conducted our annual tootsie roll drive. We had secured two sights to do this at, Shaw’s supermarket in Sanford Me., and Mardens department store also in Sanford. Teams were set up to work in two hour shifts at both venues. We worked at Shaw on Friday and Saturday, and at Marden on Friday , Saturday, and Sunday. We were also present after all weekend Masses in our parish. All money that was donated will go to Camp Waban, which is a highly rated camp for people with all types of disabilities. This gave our council much visibility and a few good recruitment possibility coming out of this. Many of the Knights working mentioned on how good a time they had, handing out tootsies rolls to children, and seeing people they hadn’t seen in years. From one weekend of work, our council was able to raise $2750.00 for Camp Waban.

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