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Travis Mills Foundation Fundraiser


Council: 1423 - No. WHITEFIELD

Project Description:

There are many ways to support the charitable outreach efforts, to provide much-needed funding for groups and agencies which supply services to those with disabilities. One such organization which has received such support is the “Travis Mills Foundation”, located in Readfield. This year, the JMG (Jobs for Maine Graduates) group at Erskine Academt, a private Secondary School in South China, conducted a fundraising effort to support the TMF. They held a public Lasagna Supper. The event was advertized locally, and on social media, tickets were sold, meal times scheduled, and dinners served by the students of Erskine, with the assistance of their advisors, school staff, and local “civilians”, including the K of C. The food was excellent, the service was outstanding, and all enjoyed the fellowship afford, all at the same time supporting a well-deserving beneficiary. The TMF provide free-of-charge retreats and travel to “recalibrate” service members who were severely wounded, disabled, and/or disfigured as a result of combat trauma.

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