UHD TV System for Parish Hall




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UHD TV System for Parish Hall


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

Our council recognized the need to upgrade our functioning capability with regards to making visual presentations such as videos and PowerPoint presentations. Several years back we had purchased and installed a very large remote-controlled screen on which to project them. We were considering purchase of a ceiling mounted projector when one of the members with expertise in this area suggested looking into a very large high-definition TV instead. After thoroughly researching options, such a unit was put in the council budget and approved for the 2021-22 fiscal year.
$3500 was approved for the TV unit, mounting bracket, internet interface, new brackets to rehang the screen mentioned above, an audio bar, remote keyboard, and all other equipment needed to make the system fully and easily operated. A UHD TV was purchased and installed by four Knights; however, once it was turned on, a large crack in the screen was obvious. Back to store to exchange, but they were out of stock. A day spent checking other local Wal-Marts resulted in renting a van (so the unit could be transported upright), delivering to the church, returning and refueling the van, and getting home in time for supper after a full day invested.
Two days later, the TV was reinstalled by four Knights, and things worked perfectly. Over the next several weeks, all associated equipment arrived, was installed, and set up in working order. We can now watch local TV, stream shows on the internet, project movies, conduct Zoom teleconferences, and display information from a laptop or similar device.
Everything was operational for our council’s centennial celebration (see FIA submittal #3398), attended by much of the state staff and their wives. The PowerPoint video of the council accomplishments ran in kiosk mode (continuous cycle) on the new TV while everyone enjoyed the reception.
Our pastor was so impressed with this operation that he wants the other two churches in our parish to install similar capability.

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