Vatican Exhibition of Eucharistic Miracles




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Vatican Exhibition of Eucharistic Miracles


Council: 2399 - MADISON

Project Description:

Our Council was called upon to assist the local Daughters of Isabella Council in setting up and taking down the Vatican Exhibition of Eucharistic Miracles. In co-operation with the Lewiston Council, Ron Bergeron brought the exhibit to Madison as part of the Madison-Anson Days events.
This event was formerly known as Father Rasle Days.
The exhibit was set up on Friday, August 23rd, displayed on Saturday and Sunday August 24th and 25th. The exhibit required the setting up of
numerous display easels and aligning 150 placards depicting Miracles confirmed by the Vatican.
Three Brother Knights, one Daughter of Isabella and another person assembled the display.
Our Council also assisted in the dismantling of the display, but this Recorder was not present to ascertain how many Knights, Daughters and Volunteers took down the display.

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