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Veterans Administration Health Care Volunteer


Council: 334 - AUGUSTA

Project Description:

I volunteer at Togus V A Hospital. I have assisted in the Emergency Department where I would take patients to radiology for x-rays and other tests. I also brought samples to the lab thus eliminating the need for nurses or cnas to do these tasks which allows them to attend to more important matters. I also on occasion escorted patients to their assigned rooms in the ED.
I then transferred to the Endoscopy Department where I take patients in a wheelchair to their rides when they are discharged thus eliminating the need for the nurses to perform this function which frees them up to attend to other matters.
The dates reflect the report date requirements for March to March. This is a continuous activity.
I am not sure of the number of volunteers at Togus and am not aware of any Knights being regular volunteers in the various departments at the facility.

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