Volunteering as a Knight of Columbus and a Servant of God. 15791



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Volunteering as a Knight of Columbus and a Servant of God. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

I along with nine other volunteer’s have volunteered many hours of time at the Gray Wildlife Park during July 2018-February 2019. During my eight years as a volunteer and a Knight of Columbus, I have enjoyed working with the staff and the Public in many area’s of the park doing many different jobs, which have been asked of me to do. During the Summer I conduct tours for the kids who come to us on a school tour day. I also conduct Group tour’s for senior’s who make our park a stop on their yearly Bus Trip to the White Mountains. During the tour season I make sure that I have my Knights shirt and hat clean and ready to go. I often have fellow Brother Knights who stop in for these tours and notice I am a Knight, and we chat about the Order and our Councils. It is also a good recruiting tool for future members. During the Fall and Winter their is always maintenance to be done on the Exhibits, and Sights. The most rewarding part of this volunteer work is when an animal is brought in and the Staff and Volunteer’s nurse a sick or injured animal back to health, so it can be let loose back into the wild. I have volunteered for eight years now, and this year I have logged in some 522 hours of time. Volunteering at the Gray Wildlife Park, or the Knights of Columbus is very rewarding to me. Giving back to the Community has been and always will be very important to me, and very enjoyable. It is a very large part of my Life. With my continued Prayers for the future, I am hoping that GOD will allow me to continue my Volunteer work going for many more years to come.

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