Wake and Funeral, BSK Raymond Comeau




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Wake and Funeral, BSK Raymond Comeau


Council: 1423 - No. WHITEFIELD

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The Order of the Knights of Columbus was founded as a Catholic, FAMILY, Fraternal Service Organization. We have been trained, through the exemplification of our Degrees, to remember, and care for, our FAMILIES, especially for those who are left behind when the male head of the household passes. In this light, it is only appropriate that we should gather to: 1. honor the memory and life of a departed Brother, and, 2. ensure that the remaining family is aware that the deceased’s Brother Knights are available to provide assistance to them, in any way we can.
Upon the passing of Sir Knight Raymond Comeau, Council 136, and Assembly 0340, his Brother Knights, representing Councils 136, 1423, 3942, and 5756, gathered on June 28, at Burpee, Carpenter, and Hutchins Funeral Home, Rockland, for a period of remembrance, bereavement, and consolation. This was followed by the Recitation of the Rosary, lead by DD6 Gary Boynton. After the Rosary, Resolutions of Condolence from the Council and Assembly were presented to the family by District Marshal Keith Richardson.
The following day, a Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at St. Bernard’s Church, Rockland, presided by Father Nathan March. Following the Mass and Committal Services, the family hosted a reception in the Church Hall.

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