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Walk for Life


Council: 12941 - BIDDEFORD

Project Description:

Walk for Life
The council’s fourth annual Walk for Life took place on the fair, warm morning of September 21, covering a 2½ mile loop along Main, Alfred and Elm Streets. About 20 people took part, between Brother Knights, family and friends. The Walk was particularly successful as a fundraiser, bringing in over $2,500 in donations toward Culture of Life related causes. A couple of individuals were recognized as leading fund raisers: Brother Dave Poissant rounded up over $1,000 worth of business donations and Pris Huot had over $500 worth of individual donations pledged to her in the Walk. We hope that we will attract many more walkers next year to join us in this pleasant event supporting a good cause. Brother Don Maurice has a write-up later in this very newsletter!

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