Weekly Adoration In Our Parish. 15791




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Weekly Adoration In Our Parish. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

During the last 8 months I along with 8 other Brothers have taken time on Monday morning to attend the Adoration at Holy Martyr’s Church and Friday mornings at Saint Gregory’s Church. For me this is very important. I find that with this Prayer and quiet time is very important in my weekly schedule. It allows me to be more thankful for life, and what the Lord gives me each day while thanking our LORD for his many gifts he has given to me and my family. It also gives me time to meditate on my life in the past and the present, and how much I really miss my parents, and appreciate all which they have done for me. To me meditation and Prayer with God and one another, is a very Blessed time. We as Christians, and Brothers in the Knights need to keep energized with the Holy Spirit, and to be thankful for the Body of Christ ,which we receive each Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully next year we will have more brothers participate.

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