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In Service to One, In Service to All
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Weekly Communion to the Shut-In's. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Four Council Brothers have served as our Lords helpers as Extraordinary Ministers within their communities during the months of March 2018 through mid June 2019. Because of our Deacon’s recent notice to our council that our Parish community was in need of additional Extraordinary Ministers to cover the Communities of Gray, Falmouth and Yarmouth our brothers once again stepped up to face the challenge. With the passing of one of our long time Community Ministers these brothers took the challenge on. Stepping forward in the need of others our council brothers continue to shine in all area’s of our Council, Church and Community. With the passing or the moving of the shut-In’s during the last couple of months, the ministry duty has increased in some towns, with additional requests. I am sure soon the call will go out again for their service’s. Brother Knights answering the call.

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