Welcome Breakfast at Saint Gregory’s Church. 15791




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Welcome Breakfast at Saint Gregory's Church. 15791


Council: 15791 - FALMOUTH

Project Description:

Two council brothers, and their family members pitched in to help with the “Welcome Breakfast” which took place on Sunday July 8, 2018 at Saint Gregory’s Church following the morning Mass. What a successful and enriching “Welcome Breakfast” at St. Gregory! Thanks to all those who helped to make this event unfold so well: the Leadership Team who organized and developed the event and to the four team members who made personal calls to invite the 49 new members/families that had registered since 2015; to the loyal kitchen team leaders and dedicated youth; to the current parishioners who came to welcome and support the “new members”; to Georgette Dionne and Kim Lovett Pastoral Leaders from St. Jude and Sacred Heart; and to our Pastor- Fr. Daniel Greenleaf for leading the “Blessing” and mingling with the people. This has been a great way to bring together the newer parishioners and older parishioners in a social atmosphere, and to get to meet one another outside of weekly Mass. Since joining this Parish some 15 years ago I have noticed this togetherness growing between the four churches in our Parish thanks in part to the leadership, and our Pastor Fr. Daniel Greenleaf. God Bless each of you for all the effort put into todays event.

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