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Wells Harbor Park Helping Hands


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

Many years ago our council undertook an excellent project by the building of our Handicap accessible walkway and observation deck at Wells Harbor Park.
At the conclusion of the project we had a dedication ceremony donating the deck to the town of Wells for all to enjoy. After years of enjoyment by the many local people and tourist enjoying the beauty of the harbor, it was now time to upgrade the decking as well as rails and seating area. To our amazement and joy, the town of Wells offered to pay for the upgrade agreeing to purchase all the new Composite lumber with the request that our council agrees to provide the manual labor to rebuild the deck. This was obviously a deal we could not pass up so last October we started the first phase of the construction by ripping out all the old decking. In addition, to prevent rain water from washing out the sand around the entrance of the walkway, members of our council installed a concrete drywell topped with a metal grate to capture any run-off thus keeping the entrance free from washout of the gravel and sand. The drywell and metal grate area was then filled with a layer of gravel aggregate. This spring we will once again continue with the upgrade of our walkway and look forward to the day when people can once again sit peacefully and listen to the call of the gulls and gaze at the beauty of Wells Harbor. This is an excellent example of our mutual support of town and organization.

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