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Westbrook Food Train


Council: 2219 - WESTBROOK

Project Description:

St. Anthony’s Parish, at the invitation of the Westbrook Knights of Columbus, participated in the Westbrook City food drive to benefit the Westbrook Food Pantry. On May 5, 2019, a train of vans picked up food from many Westbrook businesses and churches. The food was delivered to the Westbrook Food Pantry, where it was sorted and shelved for distribution to clients. Trinity Lutheran Church in Westbrook originated the gathering of food (known as the Food Train), with many other churches and local businesses joining. The husband of the Director of the Westbrook Food Pantry, a member of Council 2219, was point person at St. Anthony’s Parish for the Food Train and (along with members of his family) handled the collecting and transporting of food from St. Anthony’s. He also assisted with the subsequent sorting and shelving of food at the Pantry. The number of people listed above as participating refers only to those physically involved in the collecting, transporting, sorting, etc., of food contributed at St. Anthony’s, not to the people who contributed food and not to the people who participated elsewhere in Westbrook. St. Anthony’s parishioners were invited to contribute boxes of cereal. They donated 142 boxes, which will provide approximately 1000 bowls of cereal.

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