Winter coats for Nuns and other women




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Winter coats for Nuns and other women


Council: 9782 - WELLS

Project Description:

One of our local clothing stores donated over 150 new women’s winter overcoats from their excess inventory to our council to hand them out to whoever needed them. Our first selection was the Good Shepherd Sisters at St. Joseph Convent in Biddeford where they were happy to receive approximately 30 good quality black overcoats to keep them warm during these cold winter days which was delivered by one of our members. Another member delivered over 30 good quality coats of various sizes and colors to the Threads of Hope store, which is a part of Catholic Charities of our Diocese. A third batch of approximately 40 coats were taken by a KC member from another council to be delivered to DHS agency where he was employed for distribution and the remaining coats were brought to Goodwill. It was rewarding to know that so many people will be kept warm due to the generosity of the owner of the clothing store in our area

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