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Working Acton fair


Council: 13861 - SANFORD

Project Description:

On August 22 thru August 25th, our council had the opportunity to work at the Acton fair to raise money for our council. For every hour that a Knight worked at the fair, at the gate collecting admission, or in the parking lot, directing parking, our council received $12 dollars an hour per man, per hour. The Acton fair committee found themselves in a last minute bind, not having enough help, so they turned to the Knights for support. The knights of our council came through big time, we filled in many of the holes that they had in their schedule and at the same time made some money for our council. We received a check for $1100.00 dollars for our council. Our brother Knights also showed a presence at the fair, wearing KOC hats, tee-shirts, and jackets. This was a good opportunity for us to spread the word that the Knights are alive and well.

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